Work-life balance reigns supreme with these home-based businesses

If you’ve been putting in less time at your company’s offices and enjoying life more, then you’re not alone. When cases of Covid-19 dropped this spring, employers began summoning workers to return to their cubicles – and many employees balked. Some negotiated a hybrid schedule or permission to continue working from home full time; others are considering alternative career opportunities.  

Is this enough to be considered a workplace revolt? Yes, according to a recent survey by Stanford University, the University of Chicago and the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM). The survey found that while about 58% of workers said they would return, another 35% said they would go back but immediately search for a work-from-home job. About 6% said that if ordered to return, they would quit even if they didn’t have new jobs lined up. 

The survey also revealed that almost a third of respondents wanted to work from home full time, and about 36% more wanted to work from home two to four days per week. (About 22% preferred to work at company offices, and 10% would be satisfied with one WFH day per week.) If you’re one of those folks in the former group, that whopping majority of around 68 percent who want to work from home two or more days per week, you might find a fit in one of these home-based business opportunities.


Dog Training Elite franchise owners enjoy a home-based business with multiple revenue streams. Services include obedience training, service dog training, puppy services, therapy animal training and behavioral modification services.

The pet industry set a record with sales of $103.6 billion in 2020, according to the American Pet Products Association. So you may want to get aboard this gravy train. Franchises provide just about every type of pet service imaginable, from training, dog-walking, yard/litter box cleaning to home visits and overnight care. To build your business, you might network with pet organizations, veterinarians and pet shops. But office and phone work is a breeze from home, and recurring business is big plus. Franchisors often take care of scheduling via their websites. 

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360 Painting is an in-demand, recession-resistant home-based franchise business.

These diverse franchises let you confirm and/or schedule jobs and do any necessary office work (invoicing, payroll, ordering) without leaving home. You’ll definitely do networking and marketing outside your home, and you may need to go on-site to handle some work yourself or to check that work is done properly with a happy customer. Recurring business is a huge plus of the category.

Franchisors give necessary training for the provided services and software to manage your operation. Most franchises are low-cost, and many can be started quickly. 

Here are six that might jump-start your search: Floor Coverings International (1988; provides flooring replacement services and quality products and workmanship that is second to none ); Maid Right (founded in 2013; comprehensive home cleaning using the company’s environmentally-friendly, non-toxic products); 360 Painting (2005; a residential and light commercial painting company founded on professional, accountable, and reliable service); Dryer Vent Wizard (founded in 2004; prevents fires and improves clothes dryer efficiency); Mosquito Squad (2005; creates a mosquito barrier that lasts up to three weeks); Shack Shine (2014; home detailing such as window and gutter cleaning, power washing, holiday light installation/take-down).

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Grand Welcome franchise owners specialize in vacation rental properties.

With a property-management franchise, you’re only a phone call or mouse click away from signing up a new property owner or a guest needing quarters for a night, a year or something in between. After a meet-up (virtual or in-person), property owners sign a contract that guarantees you a fee for keeping their properties occupied and tended. 

The industry is booming. As housing prices soar, people pivot to renting long-term rather than buying. Throughout the pandemic, hotels’ popularity has sagged while short-term rentals of private properties has soared. Many people first sampled that experience last year, enjoyed it and are primed for a repeat. (With short-term rentals, it’s a boost to operate in or near a “destination” such as athletics, beach, fishing, skiing and nature experiences like birdwatching, hiking and photography.)

You’ll need to visit properties, handle maintenance (perhaps doing simple things yourself but hiring skilled trades as needed), screen potential renters, and make sure check-in and billing go smoothly. Depending on your location, a real estate license might be required; prep courses (many available online) for licensing can streamline the qualifying process. 

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Thanks to their signature lobster rolls plus an appearance on the hit ABC show SharkTank, Cousins Maine Lobster food trucks are wildly popular and command long lines wherever they go.

Food trucks made quite a splash even before the pandemic, and their popularity has multiplied because there’s no worrisome dine-in for patrons. Mobile restaurants cut costs for staffing, furnishings, maintenance, property taxes, mortgage/rent and utilities. And if you opt for a franchise model, headquarters has already figured out what works and what doesn’t. You can take care of front-office work from home.

Yes, there’s a good chance you will have to be out and about during primetime for your menu offerings, but you can go where the customers are, instead of waiting for them to come to you. One unique food truck option offers its operators an especially flexible schedule: Kona Ice, founded in 2007 and now with some 800 food trucks operating around the country. Thanks to their signature lobster rolls plus an appearance on the hit ABC show SharkTank, Cousins Maine Lobster food trucks (above) are wildly popular and command long lines wherever they go. Founded in 2012, the company now offers brick-and-mortar shops in addition to food trucks.

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Owners of businesses, particularly small- to medium-size ones, always seek ways to quickly solve problems and simplify day-to-day operations. The lion’s share of a business-to-business franchisee’s activities can be home-based, although networking is essential to sign and keep clients. Recurring income is a major plus. 

Options to consider are ClaimTek (founded in 1993; does medical and dental billing and coding); InXpress (1999; facilitates domestic and international shipping of almost anything – from documents to crates): Action Coach (1993; If you are passionate about business and helping others succeed)


Consulting offers a flexible, home-based business. It’s a perfect business for people who enjoy helping others and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Since they spend most of their time on the phone and the computer, business consultants can work from practically anywhere.

BPO is a business consulting franchise providing specialist services in process optimization, robotic process automation and outsourcing. The Valenta BPO franchise model is unique where as a Franchise Partner you work on your business, not in your business. Valenta BPO delivers the operations, whilst you focus on business acquisition.

Unlike other franchise models, the setup costs are very low as there is no need for elaborate shopfronts or the acquisition of expensive equipment.

Another option for consulting is as a certified franchise consultant with the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG), founded in 2012 and offering ongoing training and lead generation. 

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by Mary Vinnedge at FranchiseWire