These green business opportunities offer sustainable solutions for environmentally-conscious customers

Today’s franchisors have figured out all different ways to go green, giving eco-minded investors the opportunity to own a lucrative business and still feel good about what they do. Here, we outline eight eco-friendly franchises that run the gamut in the types of services they provide.

Freecoat Nails 

The non-toxic beauty industry is currently valued at $532 billion. Freecoat Nails (above) is helping investors get their piece of the booming market with its eco-friendly franchise opportunity. Founded by Clean Juice franchisors, Kat and Landon Eckles, the non-toxic beauty bar sets out to do for beauty franchising what Clean Juice has done for food franchising: make it more natural and safer for consumption. Each location provides nail and beauty services without all of the toxins, fumes, and other harmful chemicals found in typical nail salons. They are also equipped with hospital-grade ventilation systems to evacuate fumes and circulate clean air.  

Smash My Trash

Smash my Trash
Smash My Trash’s services reduce container waste volume by up to 70% and save more than 50 million pounds of CO2 annually.

Smash My Trash is an eco-friendly franchise that provides an innovative solution to managing commercial and industrial waste. The service provides onsite compaction of open-top containers, including municipal solid waste and recyclable materials. According to the company’s website, the service reduces container waste volume by up to 70% and saves more than 50 million pounds of CO2 annually. With an ever-growing need for waste removal, this innovative business model allows franchisees a simple and unique opportunity. 

Green Home Solutions

Green Home Solutions franchisees ensure that the air their customers breathe indoors is clean. With many services, including mold remediation, odor removal, and indoor air quality checks, Green Home Solutions sets itself apart by using EPA-registered products containing plant-based ingredients. Franchisees serve environmentally-conscious homeowners who want to kill mold and other harmful health hazards. Commercial clients include property managers, healthcare offices, and environmental specialists. Franchisees enjoy the benefits of multiple revenue streams, low overhead, high margins, and a constant demand for their services. 


Ecomaids eco-friendly franchises use only non-toxic, allergen-free green cleaning products.

Cleaning services will always be in demand, but eco-friendly franchises like Ecomaids appeal to a more sophisticated, environmentally-conscious customer base. Built on a mom’s desire to avoid harmful cleaning products, Ecomaids was created and is committed to using only non-toxic, allergen-free green cleaning products that are better for the health of its customers and their pets


Instead of filling up landfills with old, worn out and damaged furniture, Fibrenew franchisees offer an eco-friendly solution. Fibrenew specializes in leather, plastic and vinyl repair on residential and commercial furniture, cars, planes, boats, and windows. Franchisees take advantage of the endless applications and repeat business from a vast customer base, including marinas, car dealerships, restaurants and medical offices. Fibrenew offers an in-demand, home-based business with a low cost of entry. 


No-H2O is an on-demand dry cleaning service franchise for cars.

No-H2O calls itself the Uber of car washing. This on-demand car washing service uses a mobile app that allows customers to have their cars cleaned anytime and anywhere in an eco-friendly, waterless way. According to the company’s website, traditional car washes use 35 gallons of water to clean one car. No-H2O uses none. Their method also prevents harsh chemicals from entering the drainage system. Operators can deliver waterless carwash services via several different modes of transport, including cars, scooters, and even bicycles. With 60 franchises, this fast-growing green franchise is perfect for forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious investors. 

SuperGreen Solutions

As the name suggests, SuperGreen Solutions helps homeowners and businesses make more sustainable decisions. For example, SuperGreen provides its clients with solar solutions, EV charging, air purification, LED lighting, window films, and energy audits. The franchisor assists with finding and retaining clients and has an established network of suppliers and vendors.

Conserva Irrigation

Conserva Irrigation
Conserva Irrigation helps reduce water use from irrigation by up to 60%.

At Conserva Irrigation, environmental responsibility and water conservation are the main priorities. The company says that their conservation technology and advancements help reduce water use from irrigation by up to 60% for every property while still promoting lush, healthy lawns and landscapes. The full-service irrigation franchise company serves both residential and commercial customers. The company seeks environmentally-conscious investors who are passionate about conserving natural resources.

Isabella Stier Isabella Stier is a freelance writer who has a love for storytelling and entrepreneurship. She contributes to and reporting on industry news and franchise trends.